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Gig Not Visible

Hi I recently joined Fiverr. I have created a Gig. The link is an under:

But when I search for it as a buyer it is not visible. What am I missing?


you need to contact with customer care services

@zaid_ilyas Is your gig showing active in your seller dashboard? If yes, then you should be able to find it. How far you have to comb through results is another question.

delet this gig and make a fresh one to help with ytube

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my gig is also not showing please help

In this case you might write a mail to the support. their editorial team is very responsive. They’ll help you for sure.
Good luck

thank you all. I will contact the customer support

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I have searched with your gig keyword, It’s showing from my side. I think your gig is fine. :+1:

multilayered pcb

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I just found it by searching for “Design multilayered PCB” It was ranked 16th with that search.

Use keywords that will make you stick out.
Is there a specialty/niche market, Make a gig aimed for that.

Like “I’ll design your Model Railroad logic control PCB”, that type of thing.