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Gig notification

Why do show the notification your gig was moved another category?


Because Fiverr moved your gig to another category. They can change categories (include/delete) and move gigs around. You probably received an email as well with details.


Also, Fiverr probably did you a favour by putting it in a category that best suits the content of the Gig.


Will I delete my gig?

Why would you delete your Gig?

Fiverr told you they moved it.

Be happy that they have put it somewhere that may benefit you.


Where I move it ? Move means ---------------

Fiverr told you they took it from one category and put it in another.


That’s a good thing.


Thank you very much Bosss.

I’m not your Boss.

Be careful how you address Buyers and Sellers here.

We are all professionals and should be treated as such.

Good luck.


Will I change my gig category or not?

Sorry for that fault

Yeah, some people talk like bro, sir too which is annoying. :woozy_face:

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I’m not anyone’s ‘bro’ here.

I get that it is to sound friendly, but the reality is that all of us here are competing against each other for the same kind of work.

I am not THAT friendly with my competitors.


Yeah, regardless of the competency even a buyer message talking to me as bro, that annoys me. We can say bro to a friend of us, but not when it comes to professional relationship.


What you still did not get it? It is so clear in the notification and in here.

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You just tell me that I will delete this gig or not.

I did not say that. I said that Fiverr often change categories, include or delete categories and also they can move the gigs around categories that better suit them. You don’t need to take any action, you don’t need to delete anything.

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Hey there

Why should you delete the gig. Fiverr has moved your gig to the best suited category that they think best for your gig. So in simple word that will benefits you in the coming days if buyers search for the offering that you offer will be shown on that category

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you don’t have to do anything, fiverr just notified you that they moved your gig to the best-suited category :grinning:

You are right sir and thanks for your sagation.