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Gig nowhere in the results

Hi there, I was on the top of the page in my category and suddenly I am nowhere in the results. My gig is currently at the last page. Any solution?

The reason for such drop is still unclear.
Did you have any cancellations or late delvieries recently?

This topic can be really useful:

Hi Abdullah,
Same happens with me a lot of times.
It is mainly due to cancellations and late deliveries or less response rate. But you will be thinking that you haven’t cancelled a single order then how did this happen ?
Its because the cancellation is being counted for last 60 days and that old cancelled order sometimes affects your ranking. Plus any change in the pricing, thumbnail, or tags might be a cause but it will be indexed again if you contact support. But they will restore it only if you didn’t change anything in the gig.
I hope it helps.

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