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Gig offer to fiver's

Hi all,

I tried to contact some of the sellers here but no one replied I don’t have time to be sending more messages to maybe not get replies again. I’ll post what I need you comment if this gig interests you and you have time to do it:

I need a logo revamp I currently have a logo but it isn’t AMAZING I’d like it tweaked

I need a video intro & close for my 2 youtube channels (I do dessert tutorials & baking) my audience is older 30 up so not to loud or funky more classic type look. I use iMovie to edit my videos if that matters?

I could use a catchy tune to go with that I currently take my music off of audio network but I’d like something that is mine I MUST be able to own this I don’t want to load it to youtube to find out it is already a copyrighted song.

Thats it folks let me know if you are interested, Marlyn

You can look at my channel if you like to see where I’m coming from I am starting a new french channel soon.

Thanks for looking, Marlyn