Gig on 1st page row 2 or 1 yet no sales


I don’t know if this is the right thread to make this post. But I guess it is.

Well, I am a level two seller and I have been making quite a good number of sales on fiverr for some time now. But recently I noticed that I am not getting sales.

My concern is that I am on the first page as before, my gig is in the first or second row of some keywords but yet no sale. This has made me ask questions like isn’t the search engines what buyers use on fiverr? If that is the case then don’t they see my gig?.. I have checked from other browsers and I can still see my gig on the first page. So what could be the problem?

Also my impressions are declining and I am on the first page, meaning that when people search my gig always appear, so why is the impression, view, clicks and orders declining?

I am particularly concerned because my gig is on the first page top two rows.

Anybody with some sort of explanation?

Thank you in advance.


This might help:


That’s exactly what I noticed, too… recently I noticed that even though sometimes I’m on the first rows, buyers seem to have completely vanished. Before Fiverr’s tests, when I was on the lower rows I still got sales, and when I was being put in the first rows I got swamped in orders.

But now, even if I’m on the first rows, it’s like there are no more buyers. Maybe Fiverr’s tests have put down some of the potential buyers and the overall volume of buyers has decreased?


My “best seller” gig is always in the same position(before and after the test)
But 1 week, I get 7 orders, next week I get nothing. It’s totally random! :frowning:


This sounds strange but I know that fiverr has a way of turning on orders and turning them off which is not related to where you are located. It may be that different servers are used where some are testing servers not seen by the total volume of visitors.

One night a few nights back I had not gotten any orders for two days then suddenly within half an hour got eight orders before it was turned off again. It may be that for half an hour the gates were opened when my gigs were shown on all servers at once.

I still have no idea why this happens.


The same experience is happening to me @kingwriters @Woofy31 .[quote=“Woofy31, post:3, topic:141757”]
recently I noticed that even though sometimes I’m on the first rows, buyers seem to have completely vanished. Before Fiverr’s tests, when I was on the lower rows I still got sales, and when I was being put in the first rows I got swamped in orders.


Now, I’m completely aware of the fact that the search algorithm is random and Fiverr doesn’t guarantee any sales whatsoever.

@misscrystal That’s probably the best explanation I’ve heard which makes sense.


I’m actually wondering that you’re right – I doubt those featured sellers which appear on the homepage on your screen are the same featured sellers which appear for me.


That’s probably true. What each viewer sees is unique for that viewer.

It’s fascinating and I would love to know how this works. I’ve been here a long time and in the beginning it was even more apparent, the level of control over each sellers number of sales.


When did “the tests” start? Or, when did you notice?

Because I had the same issue with my Bestseller. 1st or 2nd row in the results for keyword. But it stopped selling >2 months ago (and is now on the last page :confused:)


Maybe we are or were seeing our own gigs in these top spots but no one else is? :neutral_face:


I checked logged off, different browser. Wife looked at it from her computer. It wasn’t THE same spot but the overall tendency was the same.


I thought so too.


Used incognito.
Logged off and searched.

Maybe we should create a post and swap results?


Are you guys searching for your gigs on your keywords?
Or are you looking in the categories where your gigs are listed?

I always check the categories where my gigs are listed.

Does anyone know which is the way most buyers find your gigs? By keyword search?


Considering that the Fiverr homepage has a big text field asking the potential buyer what they need, I would say most would stop there and type some keywords instead of going down the page and click on the categories…


This is what I did: (and have done)

  • Searched with category specific keywords (I used to be on the second line. I’m currently on the second page.)
  • Narrowed search to “particular” service
  • Narrowed search to “Online Sellers” and/or “Level Two” Seller (Just to see if my gigs DO appear in results)


That’s a terrific point, but that layout is “generally new”


I may start asking buyers how they found my gig. Not sure how to do it though, maybe after the sale.


During the Fiverr tests my gig was low in search results, sometimes even on second page, but that didn’t stop buyers from finding me and buying my gigs.

Then this week my gig started moving up, yet no more buyers… today I noticed it started going back down, still no more orders (and for those who look, yes, I have only a single order from an unresponsive buyer who keeps ordering my gig and eventually wants to cancel as usual)


Maybe put an extra instruction field “How did you find me?” :smiley:


I don’t see a big text field to search on the home page. Just the small white field at the top that says “find services”.

My orders have been very slow for a week now aside from that frantic half hour.

Here's the "big" text field I was referring to :P

P.S. anyone know who she is? :heart: