Gig on 1st page


A FEW days ago my gig was on the 1st page but after 1 negative review after that review i got 3 or 4 review with 5 star… Now gig is going next to next page day by day :pensive: i am so worried .Now what to do me to bring on 1st page?
Kindly tell me :blush:


Nobody can actually answer this. In general, Fiverr staff has said that it helps your ranking to get decent reviews, deliver on time, keep a low cancellation rate, have appropriate tags and titles, self-promote, etc.

They don’t give any guarantee that you’ll rank anywhere in search at any given time, though. Getting on the first page appears to be practically random for some sellers and even if you get there, Fiverr says that they rotate gigs and you are unlikely to stay there in a fixed sense. You can find hundreds of posts about search ranking with all sorts of guesses if you want to.


im on fiverr serval years and im rarely on first page, so you shold not expect that you gonna find your gig always on first page, however looks like fiverr messed “best selling” gigs because there are gigs in best selling with 0-5 reviews…


thanks buddy :slight_smile:


hmmmm agreed with your words :slight_smile: