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Gig On First Page But No Orders From Last One Month


Hi,hope you all are good.My gig is on first page from 45-50 days but the problem is i am not getting orders from last one month and very disappointed,can you please help or give me some guidelines.Here is my gig
Thank you


Well, to be honest I opened your gig and immediately wanted to close it. But I still pushed myself to still scroll through your pictures and that was enough.
If I didn’t go further than just checking your pictures then I’m not surprised that people not ordering.

I attached here your image. It’s flashy and colours are really not working with each other and everything I see is just a bad bad taste in design (even for yourself) so I only can imagine what you would make for your client if you didn’t even try to make your image appealing.
People are looking at visuals and this image is the first thing people see.
Again everybody have different tastes and maybe you can find a customer with that kind of image.


Thank you for your opnion,i just change the picture yesterday i am going to change the picture.
What about this picture i am attaching


This image you attached is a near perfect duplicate of a stock photo and all you did was add some text. Fiverr might not even allow it or might ban the gig later due to the copied graphics. You need to design some original images of your own with few or no copied elements. If you can’t or aren’t good at it you can hire someone to create gig images for you.


Thank you for your opinion,i will follow your instructions.
I want to ask the only problem is picture or something else,i think @mariashtelle1 pointed this issue and everyone did not see the gig and make critics on picture


first you need to make sure that you are not copying anything from fiver to make your gigs.just have a look on others profile and gigs after that write by your ownself title to description and everything including images for gig and in which category you are lying let suppose you are working for graphics then write tags related to graphics and so on for each category