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Gig on First page


My gig was on first page but impression was going done so i though i should update gig tags and when i update my gig tags my gig went 2nd page from the first. what i should do now to bring my gig again on first page…!


don’t worry, gig rotation is a common thing. my gig was on first page and now its on last.


How do I know what page my gig is on?


Don’t worry, gig spot is not permanent its change its position everyday, before some days my all gig was on first page and nowadays its all in last page even if use all filters.


Its common after some time the shuffle the gig i think my gig was on 1st page now its on 5 page its happen with me many time and gig come back on 1st page again after few days


how many time requite to again my gig on first page?


Thanks you soo much i was too tesn about this but not relaze after reading your reply.


You can check by search your gig tags.


Well that unpredictable thing. Hope for the best :slight_smile:


You shouldn’t have done the edits to your gig.
It was on the first page, what else do you want.
Now that you have made the edits, you need to wait for it to come back again to the first page with the edits made. but after the edits made, there is no guarantee that the gig will come up, it can go down with time.
best of luck.


Alhamdulillah again my gig on the top first page.