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Gig on the first page but not getting order

I hope you all are fine. I want to confirm that is Fiverr show our gigs country-wise because I am not getting an order but my both gig on the first page I share my gig link please check where is the problem. Thanks in advance for any advise

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“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, in the second paragraph.

This goes to prove that even if you are on the first page, it does not guarantee orders. So, for those complaining that they cannot find their Gig or their Gig has slipped in the pages - that is not why you are not getting orders.

From your Gig listing:

Why me?
24/7 Availability
100% Satisfaction
Fast delivery
Unlimited revisions
Money back guaranty

24/7 availability? Really? Do you have a team of people working for or with you that cover all shifts 24 hours 7 days a week? Hopefully, you are not using an auto refresher to appear online when you are not - that can get your account banned. Also, there is no need to be online here 24/7 anyways.

Unlimited Revisions: BAD idea. I know new people think this is a good idea - but, guess what? I could order your Gig and be a real pain in the tush asking for revision after revision, because, well, you give unlimited revisions. Maybe I am harebrained and not focused, so I want you to keep designing something new until I get bored and cancel in the end.

Money Back Guarantee: Besides the point you spelled guarantee wrong, this line just screams “SCAM ME!!!” I could come to your listing, have you design a bazillion things then in the end, say, “Nope, you just don’t get what I am after,” because you guarantee my money back.

I “guarantee” that those things above will come back to bite you in the behind at some point, and then you will find the forum again and complain how you worked for hours and did “perfect” work in your view for someone who could not be satisfied and who may have run off with not only your time and money but your work.

Limit your revisions, do not guarantee their money back and do not look like a zombie who never sleeps or has a life outside of Fiverr.