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Gig on the Last pages using category search result

Hello Everyone!
Hope you are fine. I’m also fine but i have one problem about my Gig.
My best selling gig was 1st page using category search result about 4 week ago. But now it’s on last pages. I always do marketing in my own social media but didn’t get any improvement.
Is there anyone who can suggest me what should i do for gig ranking??

Many Thanks

Hey Maria!:slight_smile:

This happens all the time. Sometimes Fiverr gives you a boost to boost your sales and after a while they will take the boost away from you again to shake things up and let another seller get on the top of the list of search results. You can’t really do much about it. You don’t have to use social media by the way. Try to go onto your “orders”-page, click on your gig title and see the graph that occurs. On the top right corner of the graph, it says “Gig views” try to change that to “Social gig views”. Here you can see how many have seen your gig on social media or clicked on your link. If it’s like 1 or 0, don’t bother publishing your gig on social media.

Best wishes,

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Hi @luucmeldgaard

Thank you so much for your great suggest.

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