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Gig Opportunity - Remastered


Hello All Fiverrs,

This is just for recognized sellers please. I will give you my client and the Gig.

I’ve got very sick and had to cancel 2 gigs with the value of $150 but I don’t want to leave my client hanging on the wind.

So, here I am looking for someone to take this Gig. Here is the job:

  1. Create a WordPress landing page with a contact Form and links to the client’s stores;
  2. 18 basic Facebook pages setup;
  3. SEO.

The host is ready to go as the domain.

Any inquiries about the gigs, please just ask.

My best regards,


My best regards Methark,

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I hope your kind response


Anyone else please? I think the yesterday blackout didn’t help this post.

I’m passing forward a Gig pack as described above. Please advise.