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Gig optimisation

guys please how can i effectively optimize my gig


A few ways to help improve your gig’s performance on both the search algorithms and getting orders might be to take a look at your gig description and reformat it so it is easier to read, and at the same time maybe ask someone to proofread it for errors in English to make it flow better.

Gigs with videos seem to get more attention from the Fiverr algorithm, so it might be a good idea to also make a short video showing some of your book covers.

Sharing your gig on social media can also help you get more attention…think Facebook, Twitter or other platforms you use.

Also trying out new SEO tags might help your gig get more attention. New gigs can sometimes take a while to get rolling and it seems that graphic design has a LOT of sellers, so be patient and treat whatever orders you get like the most important orders in the world. It took me about a month or two to start getting orders regularly, so you are not alone.

I wish you much success!



@andycancun has given many effective tips. Follw his advice and best of luck.

PS…Here is a link to more tips on Gig Optimization in Fiverr…

Cheers from Cancun!

Thank you for sharing valueable info