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Gig optimization and mentioning new status

Hello! I need advice and I’m hoping a collective opinion can help.

  1. In my FAQ section, I added a question about my not having a lot of reviews, but I read another post in the forum where someone advised against mentioning being new in the gig. Here’s the Q&A I have in all my gigs:

Why do you have so few reviews?

I’m brand new to Fiverr, but in no way new to expert resume writing and editing. I’ve been an expert in editorial for 15+ years, and I thoroughly enjoy it. And note: The lower fees reflect the new Fiverr status, so it’s a good time to get an expert for a low price.

Advice: Is this helpful? A deterrent? Or does it matter either way?

  1. I also read in the forum that one shouldn’t update their gigs too often as it can sink rankings (every time it’s updated, the gig starts back at the bottom of the search results).

On the other hand, I also read that one should refine their gigs in the early stages to help maximize its rankings: keywords, descriptions, pricing, etc.

As I’m still in the early stages, I’ve been fine tuning quite a bit. Including considering deleting the Q&A in my first question above.

Advice: Is it better to get gigs optimized or leave them be to get the rankings?

Thank you in advance! (and yes, I should probably change the name from Wordsmithery to Overthinkery.)


There’s no wordsmithery without overthinkery, haha. Don’t worry about it. :smile:

Ok, let’s provide some answers.

Regarding nr. 1

I personally don’t think it’s ok to explain yourself on why you don’t have reviews. You have rising talent badge, it’s not hard to figure it out. Simply focus on showing your experience outside of Fiverr. Have some samples to prove your quality, and you are good to go.

To me, I feel that I sound too desperate if I have to explain to my client why I don’t have reviews or why I have two negative ones. If they ask, I answer. But otherwise, I don’t see the point of it.

If they are willing to give you a chance and hire you, it’s clear they don’t care about it. Many PROs have no reviews as well. So it’s not a sign of “OMG RUN FROM HERE”.

Show confidence in your own skills and you will attract clients better. Explanations go hand in hand with insecurities, so avoid them.

Samples of your work are a great way to prove your quality, even more than reviews. Since you can’t share content you have done for your clients, you can create something especially for the purpose of sharing as a sample.

Regarding nr. 2

Nobody said that you start at the bottom of the rank if you update your gigs. In fact, nobody knows where you start and how you grow there.

All we know is that after updating the gig, the search algorithm will take a while to put you back in there. In other words, if you update your gig every day, nobody will see you.

That is happening because they need to check that your new updates are respecting the TOS.

Yes, you should IMPROVE your gigs from time to time, but not too often. I usually did it when I had too much work and I would need a little break.

I looked at your profile.
Your descriptions look great. As long as the content is original, there’s nothing worth improving right now. Focus on getting orders by answering buyer’s requests and by promoting your Fiverr profile outside of it (if you want to do that).

Updating your gigs now would be a kill since you need to build some momentum with your orders.

You can do this process once a month after you get traction, and that should be enough improvement to push you to the top. Most people don’t update their gigs at all after getting orders, so you would be an exception.

Don’t explain yourself, be confident instead. Show samples. You don’t need and you shouldn’t update your gigs in the beginning. Focus your energy on getting clients. :+1:


Thank you!
Really great tips, not just for @wordsmitheryink but for everyone here :smile:


@manucornel Wonderful advice, and I appreciate you taking the time to provide such a detailed explanation to talk me off the ledge! I shall make a note to wait a bit and remove that particular Q&A from the gigs so I don’t rock my own boat (I’m full of metaphors today). I want to create additional videos, so I can remove that Q&A when I add the video (kill two birds with one stone) (I got a million of them). Thank you for everything!!

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great tips I must say

thank a lot for these tips