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Gig order accpet/reject system for seller

Currently on fiverr there have option for mutual cancellation system and obviously that is really helpful feature… But i am thinking to make it more effective for sellers and buyers by implement bellows suggestion.

=> When someone ( buyer) order for new gig then seller will get a notification to accept it or reject it… If he accpet then payment will be process for buyers and timer will start but if the seller reject the order then payment will not process, timer will not start… and it will not affect on ranking too.

Why this feature is helpful?

Very often buyers does not read the gig description properly and they order only single gig for large project… and finally after discussion sometime buyer agree to pay additional gigs or sometime they claim for mutual cancellation… but that mutual cancellation affect on ranking of seller…

So i think my suggestion would be really great for all the sellers and buyers…

I hope fiverr will consider my suggestion as to do list…


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Nirob_19 I was thinking about this…I wish Fiverr consider this suggestion… :slight_smile: Sometime I feel I have been robbed…As buyer places an order wants $250 work with one gig…to avoid negative remark I deliver work or Cancel order.



Something similar would be allowing sellers to approve the requirements from the buyer before the timer starts; perhaps give this approval a timeframe to make it fair so sellers also don’t abuse this to delay orders.

Many times buyers simply ignore the requirements and the timer starts. Then they take days to respond on how we need their materials to even start processing their order.

Reply to @babsie: thanks to agree with me

Reply to @pixelprince: Yes… very often clients does not read the gig description…

I believe fiverr will consider it

I think this would be a great addition. I think I’m specific about my writing style and the areas I’m comfortable writing in but I still get orders from people who haven’t messaged me first and are asking me to post as an expert in topics I don’t even know enough about to sound intelligent asking questions.

I know fiverr makes money from the buyers but they’re not actually making money when the seller can’t do the gig and a mutual cancellation is needed. Sure, that money stays within the fiverr system short-term until they find someone who can do the job but ultimately, especially if a seller delays in requesting a cancellation, it’s more time when their job isn’t being done. That annoys them. Perhaps something like a 24-hour thing, if the order is ordered, the seller has to confirm or deny within 24-hours, no matter what the actual gig delivery time is or maybe only 12 hours for 24-hour gigs. That way, the buyer always knows within 24 hours if the gig will be done. No more last minute stuff. It would also keep sellers from not responding until they deliver the order, which is a lack of communication that I find extremely frustrating when I’m the buyer.

Something like this would improve buyer-seller communication and benefit both.

This has been suggested MANY, MANY times. Yes, it’s a good idea for sellers and there are even some buyers who would appreciate not having their time wasted. But it’s pretty unlikely Fiverr will implement it because it can easily be abused or misused and result in buyers getting frustrated.

Fiverr’s main objective is to get the orders placed and then hope the sellers will sort out whatever they have to. Buyers are the main priority and if they start getting turned down instead of receiving on-demand service, they’ll just go elsewhere.

Reply to @itsyourthing: I believe this time fiverr will must consider that issue… if they cant do that i think… they will just announce, Mutual Cancellation will not affect on ranking…

Reply to @freelancer1011: Yes… Everyday at lest 2-3 buyers do that… But we have no solution… So i think fiveer will consider it immediately or just annouce that, Mutual cancellation will not affect on seller’s ranking… We ( Freelancer’s) want freedom… :slight_smile: We love Fiverr

Double check, but mutual cancellation does not have a negative affect on seller ratings.

Reply to @itsyourthing: actually it affect to be top rated seller… Less cancellation rate has higher chance :slight_smile:

Good idea but i dont see solution for this:

  1. Sellers will accept only orders with gig extars.
  2. Buyer has wait 1 -3 days for accept or reject.

Reply to @nirob_19: I suppose it might in theory. But getting to be a TRS is very subjective. Some sellers who meet the criteria don’t get ‘promoted’.

Reply to @skydesigner: I agree. Fiverr isn’t going to do anything that gives sellers the ability to discourage orders.

Reply to @skydesigner: 1. Sellers will accept only orders with gig extars.

Nice IDEA… appreciated

Reply to @skydesigner:

  1. if the seller isn’t going to accept an order without gig extras, the seller would probably attempt to cancel that order or place it low in priorities and not get to it anyway.
  2. I definitely think there should be a time limit on the ‘accept or reject’ order option. Perhaps 12 hours for a 24 hour delivery or 24 hours for anything longer than that. Plus, a buyer already has that risk that the seller will wait until the last minute and want to cancel.

    I think a large portion of sellers are already doing these things. Regardless of who orders or when, they only really get around to doing the gigs that appeal to them. I know I personally spend a LOT of time canceling orders when buyers purchase my gigs without actually reading what I’m willing to do and then attempt to bully me into doing something I didn’t offer. (Example: My forum posting gig states specifically that it is for activity on a forum the person owns. Anyone who purchases that gig and then wants me to post advertisements or needs me to disguise my IP address has to be canceled…and there have been a lot of them.)

I just joined Fiverr and am appalled to find out that this wasn’t part of the system from day one.
I absolutely will not be trapped/forced into working on a job that I am uncomfortable with, am ill-suited for, or goes against my beliefs.

Congratulations Fiverr. You just lost me.

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This was posted in 2015 and we still have no fix for this. Fiverr is dropping the ball in so many ways for me lately. :rage: