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Gig order after level one

Hi friends how are you
I am a level one seller on fiverr but i can’t get a single order at least 8 day’s
How can i promote my gig’s and increase my sales please suggest me
Thank you


Well, who are your customers? And where are they located? Once you know these two things, you’ll be able to know who to market to, and where to pursue your marketing. Then, all you have to do is figure out some creative ways to market to those people, wherever they can be found.

Is this an easy process, no, of course not. But, then again, any business – even working as a freelancer here on Fiverr – is not easy. Nor should it be. If you’re willing to work hard, you’ll get somewhere, and you are far more likely to find success. On the other hand, if you just sit back and wait for good things to happen, you’ll probably be waiting in silence for a long time.

No one gets anywhere by sitting still. Take action, and as Fiverr’s tagline states, be a doer.


Keep your eyes on the buyer requests section. That works for sure :wink:

Thank you i am trying now

Thanks a lot for your suggestion

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Always try to respond to the BUYER REQUESTS! frequently and try to be online as much you can!
I get most of the orders when I am online and respond to order requests at same time!
But this only works if you have good keywords placed in Your gig and your gig position amongst other sellers in your niche

This does not guarantee more sales. You do not have to be online “as much as you can” in order to gain new sales. Buyers will place orders whenever they choose – regardless of your online status.

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This happens most of the times
Try to follow fiverr Tips how to increase your sales

There are a lot

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I can’t get a single order from 10 day’s
But i am trying
Thanks for your suggestion

Buyers requests section has been working so well over here…you can try it to and promote your GIG on social media and forums related to your Gig!

Thank you so much for your suggestion

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I saw your gig. Everything is fine except for nonpresence of explainer/intro gig video. It is perceived that a gig with video, sells 22 times more than a gig, without an intro gig video. So I suggest following for you.

  1. You should create an intro video for your gig and upload it
  2. You should update your gig on alternative days.

To see a gig videos and how does it look like, I am enclosing my fiverr profile. Please feel free to click it, open it and see my gig videos. If you like I can create one for you just free of cost.
Here is my Fiverr profile


Thank you for your suggestion can you tell me what software you have used to make the intro …

I have used adobe after effects to create the movie

It say to me ‘you need at least 90% positive rating’ and the button is disabled.

agree with you and thanks for your suggestion

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Hi, first of all congrats on getting to level 1 seller badge.
Secondly, coming to your question, you can promote your gigs on social media like facebook, twitter, youtube etc. Another thing I suggest is you should be more online on fiverr as there a option to see gigs of online sellers. and also you can promote your gig by showing your fiverr badge on your website or blog.

Hope this helps!

i didnot agree with you in youtube promotion gig.
youtube now more update and if you marketing your gig on youtube it could be get on spam .
so be careful

I think you should try to get orders from buyer request and when will you receive orders from buyer request your Gig will automatically upgrade to the top and you will get orders. And also try to be online for the maximum time on Fiverr. Thanks