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Gig order price different to earnings

Hi, i completed my first order yesterday. The order price was $21 + extra of $85. Now that the order has been delivered my earnings are showing only $12 + $48. I don’t understand why such a huge difference? This is not just 20% commission. I am confused can someone please help? Thanks in advance.

@angela19788 , Really bad experience. Please ,urgently contact fiverr support

Thanks @muktadirshoaib. I will contact support.

Can you show us a screenshot? Is that what you see in pending clearance?

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hey @angela19788 – I would definitely reach out to Fiverr customer support about this issue! I have had to reach out to them in the past for issues and they have been very helpful and have answered me quickly. Best of luck to you!! :pray: :clap:

Thanks everyone for your support in answering my question. I have been in touch with support and it turns out the difference is due to currency conversion. Thanks again.