Gig order request help for new job


Hi dears,
I am new freelancer in fiverr but i get my two years trained & now working in a IT firm,But i set up my carrier on freelance.Because i like to travel more & free life leading.

On the starting i have completed one order with 5 star review but on the 2nd order the buyer didn’t give all the information.Even i tell him to deliver unlimited revision .Last and the 2nd revision he want to send me some sample but he didn’t do that while the order time will expired.
Finally without giving any chance he rated me 4 star and one comment .I think he tried to spoil my reputation because on the just starting i start to do work with perfectly.This is very sorrow for me that after the rating i have completed many order but not getting any more work.But i want to be a full time freelancer.

Please if there anybody,so help me with some ways.


What’s wrong with (4) stars? If you’re aiming for (5) :star: good luck, most buyers don’t like leaving (5) stars for whatever reason.

Oh, come on don’t be so dramatic. Buyers should leave a truthful review based on the service(s) rendered. Obviously, the buyer felt it was worth 4 :star2:. It’s better than a negative, no?


But Why i am not getting next order?I have offered 150+ offers but no response.Could you please check out my gig?What’s the problem is happen with me.