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Gig ordered with no information


I have had a buyer place an order for my Gig without providing me with any information about what they actually want. I draw fashion sketches and they have said that they don’t know how to attach the images. They also have asked for a larger quantity than what my Gig offers, even though I have already upped the quantity provided.

I’m still new to Fiverr so don’t know how to deal with this. I am not a Level 1 seller yet so I don’t want to ruin my 5* rating with a late or canceled order. Its been 24 hours since the order was placed, I have 2 days left and even though I’ve explained these problems to the buyer, they haven’t replied yet or given me any information about what they want me to draw.

What should I do?


I would suggest telling them that your gig only offers x many of sketches, and if they want more, they are more than welcome to purchase another gig.

Provide them with detailed instructions on how to find/save/upload an image if you like.

A mutual cancellation (as far as I know) does not hurt your ratio/rating, but DO NOT take my word as truth on that, I’m not that experienced when it comes to nasty buyers

This sounds so familiar, I’m wondering if we’re dealing with the same buyer.

To make it clear a MUTUAL cancellation won’t hurt your rating. But both parties have to accept the cancellation. If you send them the request and they don’t accept (given that they haven’t reply) it would hurt your rating. That’s how they are, they don’t care unless their money actually disappear so just deliver the blank order with a note saying you can’t start without more information and they also need to provide more money, then ask THEM to send you a cancellation to give their money back. If they give you bad review, now you have proof to show customer support that you tried to do the order, even refund money, but all the buyer wanted was just to give you a hard time.

Thanks, I’ve sent her a message explaining both of these things with the points that you have both suggested. The worst part is really that I am a new seller so I don’t have enough credibility yet for this to not affect me if the buyer gives me a negative rating. I only have 1 day left before this order is due so hopefully the buyer will either respond or cancel it.


You can try contacting the Customer Support and explain the problem to them.