Gig orders have gone from 30 to 0



So i am just back from holiday and have activated my gigs again after pausing 10 days. and my new gig orders seem to be coming in very slowly especially my most popular gigs with high rating and lots of feedback

Before i went on holiday my gig orders we up to 30 in the cue. Although i had a longer delivery time on some of my orders i decided to pause my gigs as i wanted to get on top of the backlog of orders and not leave any due while i was away.

The other thing that happened was i had 2 late deliveries. 1 late delivery was caused as buyer sent me tip and i didnt realise my tip gig was set to 1 day delivery. The other late delivery happened when i returned from holiday and switched on one of my gigs which seemed to reset the delivery from 10 days to 1 day. I only noticed this after the late delivery appeared!

I am starting to think that my slow orders has been caused by 1. Pausing the gigs and 2. Late deliveries

Sound about right? Any advice to what i can do to get things moving again?

Mr Explainer


When I paused my gig for a long time, I lost a lot of ground. It took some time, but things came back around.

Can you shorten your delivery time?


How big of a difference is it in the conversion rate? If there is little difference in the conversion rate, it means that your gig is simply being seen less times. Have you compared impressions before/after?

Something that may have an impact is that, once in a while fiverr changes the ranking positions for gigs for each category. The conversion rate can vary depending on which gigs are seen close to yours.

My advice is simply to continue delivering great work, and watch your gig regain its glory.


Reply to @fayestap: Thanks this helpful advice

I have shortened the delivery time and this seems to be helping!

Its been week and already things have started to pick up.

Thanks again!


Reply to @kaince: The conversion rate seems to be increasing and the amount of times each gig is being seen is also going up.

I think you are right with regard to fiverr rankings also i think pausing delayed my gigs being picked up.

You advice is bang on! I just need to keep working hard and keep delivering good work!