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Gig Overbooked in Error

I have my book-writing gig set to a max of 3 orders in queue. I have 2 book orders in the queue, but the system says I have 3, and automatically paused my gig.

Here is a screen capture from my gig page, showing I have two orders in queue.

Here is a screenshot from my “Gigs” page, showing I have three orders in queue.

And here are my In Progress orders, showing there are only two.

I have another order awaiting review, but it’s for my article writing gig, not my book writing gig.


It looks like there is a bug that just put down the wrong number, not an actual overbooking.


can I ask you something ?

For over the past year my account always shows I have one order in my queue even if I don’t. I think it’s Fiverr way of making me look like a star lol.