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Gig Package Details Info Not Showing Properly

Hi, I hope everyone is doing well here. I’m a new seller who just passed 5 days in Fiverr. I’m facing an enormous problem with my Gigs. I’ve three Gigs on Fiverr right now. All of the Gigs Pricing info is not showing properly.

Every field of pricing package like Number of Pages, Design Customization, Content Upload, Responsive Design, Plugins/Extensions Installation, E-Commerce Functionality, Number of Products is not showing while visiting my Gigs.

It’s only showing the Package info, Revision, Delivery Time, Total fields. But when I go for edit gig the fields are showing there. So, can anyone tell me what the actual solution is for that?

A Gig Link For check:

Thanks in advance

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Same problem with my new gig. Wen i create new gig i face same issue.

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i am facing the same’s a bug from Fiverr and theymshould fix it as soon as possbile.

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I don’t know when they will solve this problem. However, this is a big loss for new sellers. If someone’s gig doesn’t display correctly, how do the sales generate?

I am a new seller it is a huge disaster for me it will interrupt my first sale. I don’t know when I will get my first sale for this. It’s just disrupting my career in Fiverr.

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well i did get the solution.

try deleting your gig and creating it again.

I did the same and now my gig details are showing.

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