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Gig package settings not working?


Hi, i have Gig where i set in setting of package “# of images” = 1
So thats mean buyer can attach just one image for 5$ to edit, i guess.
Some my buyer has make an order recently and put 5 photos in attach, so thats mean this function not work?
What meaning of this, if this don’t work?
Then in future any buyer able to attach 99999 images to edit for same price and it will be right?..
How to fix it. Help me, please. Maybe i missing something.


When buyers do that, ask them which one they want you to edit; if they want you to edit them all, send them a custom offer. Also, politely tell them that the package they’ve purchased is for 1 image only, and that they’ll have to pay (enter the amount) for the rest of the images.

They’re allowed to attach more than 1 file because they might need to send you more than 1 file (perhaps a text file explaining what they want, or some other images for reference, or whatever).


So that function just Notification for buyer, that all? It no set limit to attachet photos? Huh, thats bad.
And about a text file: Fiverr can’t distinguish a photo file from a text file? To continue to prohibit the posting of more than one photo as indicated.
But thanks anyway, now i need figure how make my order cancellation…


Before going the hard way, try to communicate with the buyer: he can pay for five photos or just receive one edited photo.

A text file can contain everything, for example ten URLs of photos…


Unfortunately it is unlikely he will. Because I once helped him and made 3 photos for this price by making a custom offer. (Request was too simple and I decided - why not)
Now he has made order without taking any discuss, simply immediately.
And, of course, i will try to finish order, but I don’t know…
Probably it is unrealistic to close somehow a Gig and make so that only I could send custom offers to buyers? When they contact me first.
Huh, that Fiverr have so many strange “bad working” things…(like cancellation and others stuff)


It could be possible if you pause the Gig.
The Gig will be still visible at the bottom of the page of your other Gigs, the “order” buttons will disappear.
But it’s a solution a bit extreme; I think that usually this is done when one is overbooked.
In any case nothing can prevent a buyer to accept a custom offer… and then send more files than expected.


So it also turns out that Fiverr did not provide for a limit of orders in the queue, so that the seller could somehow adjust and control it?
Yes, things are bad. I guess needs to start not to bother and accept the fact that someday I will catch my order cancellation and a little depression =)
I hope that someday Fiverr will work something out with the order cancellation and rating about this, but judging by the dates of complaints it is unlikely that will change. .
Thanks for your advices


The option actually exists, see under Selling - Gigs the option “Limit the orders in queue”: you can set a number (it is often advisable to do so).

The “three packages” structure is somewhat sturdier than the “single package” structure, since if you don’t define extras you have a way to bind a package to a fixed number of items or days of delivery.