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Gig Packages: Advantage or Disadvantage?


My question is the “New” Gig package is it an Advantage or Disadvantage for sellers who has activated it.

Recently I found out that one of my buyer wanted a Wordpress website so I send him the custom offer & he accepted it & I have successfully completed the order & he gave me 5-star rating as well as a good feedback.

After few days my buyer messaged me & told me that you have missed adding so & so thing on my website.

I told him that this comes under my Gig extras & you did not ordered that.

My buyer told me that I was not aware that you provide Gig extras as I can’t see on your Gig description page.

So don’t you all think that the new layout is ultimately creating more confusion as the buyers can’t see the full service that we provide.

Well, the packages are visible to the buyers on the order page. So it basically needs to be read through clearly. Also, it would be easier if the buyer had earlier communicated on further revisions just for his satisfaction.

A lot of buyers are not aware of gig extras even with the old layout.

I totally dislike packages. We already had extras. Adding that Frankenstein-like thing only makes things much more complicated.

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@kimdsza: The packages are visible but what about the Gig extras that we provide?

Those are not visible & it just makes the process for buyers little complicated now

Thank you :slight_smile:

@catwriter: Atleast at that time we can say that the Gigs extras are there for you to see below the Gig description.

But now you will only see the Gig extras after you click the Buy now button from your Gig page.

And if your buyer is accepting Custom offer then there is no chance only for him to know about the extras that you provide.

Thank you :slight_smile:

My dream would be have the extras as they are now with more room for descriptions, and more choice of prices for each one.

The extras are visible but only on another page after the buyer selects the package he wants.

It varies for everyone. Some see packages as a nuance while others see it as a sigh of relief. Packages are okay but at the moment you have to weigh your options.

Create packages and omit extras (since they aren’t visible, last I check, on front page) or avoid packages and make use of extras.

One of the main issues is character limitations. You’re only allotted x-amount of characters to describe what is delivered in each option. Guess its hit and miss for this one.

@misscrystal: Exactly & it should be easily visible for buyers. Because the extras are only for them to select. If the extras are visible only after they select the package then they have lots of questions regarding the budget & they think they have choosen the wrong package & decide to go back & end up with buying nothing.

The gigs with packages I’ve seen looked very confusing for me. I studied them, each option for a long time but still could not see the differences in each option, nor even make sense of them.

In the end after looking very carefully at each trying to figure them out, I opted for none. They look confusing. They should be so simple a child can understand them at a glance.

What is easy to understand is the gig extras. They just need more space for descriptions and more options for pricing. Buyers can choose exactly what they want also.

When options with a variety of prices are shown that buyers are confused by, they won’t buy anything.