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Gig packages: how and why?


I woke up this morning to a message letting me know that gig packages are now available in my category. Sigh. I was super not looking forward to this. Seriously, the setup just does not mesh with how my gigs work. The biggest annoyance? I can’t even change the delivery duration on my gigs without setting up gig packages.

Fiverr, I would be more than happy to use packages if you would give me a good example of how they are supposed to work in my category, where a lot of us–most of us, I’d say–charge by word count. You’re essentially cutting me down from six word count options to three, as far as I can tell. I don’t want to ruin one of the gigs I’ve worked hard to build up by testing packages on it. Does someone have an example of how gig packages would work on gigs like mine?


You can always offer just one ‘basic’ package and your gig will pretty much stay the same as it is now. To be honest though, I’m not activating packages on my writing gigs until I can see how they have worked for others.


I have a single package option enabled in my logo gigs, I am constantly getting prompts from fiverr to upgrade to the 3 package offering, a customer service rep even contacted me about it, it seems that fiverr is very keen on their sellers using packages


Emma, you have a gig where you work on increments of 300 words, the packages on your category work with word count so if you set up for example just the one ‘basic’ package, you can set word count at 300, if buyer wants to order let’s say 500 words, it automatically becomes $10 when he types in 500 in the box. It’s quite hard to explain each and every step of setting up packages but there is a video that appears on how to set gig packages once you activate such.

But I understand your apprehension as to if packages will do work but it seems like Fiverr is working on placing packages into each and every category. :confused:


I was reluctant to change to packages. I changed some of my gigs to the package and a few I did not change. However, under the old setup, I realized my deliver count was off. When I reported it to CS they said the only way to fix it was to change over to packages – so I did and my delivery count is now working properly. Not sure if that is the case for anyone else, but I suspect if you have any issues while using the old setup, fiverr TS will not fix any technical issues until you update to packages.

When I first played around with packages I did so on a gig that was inactive (made it active) just to be sure I knew what I was doing before updating my important gigs.


Fiverr is changing the entire format of the site and the entire way that sales are made based on an assumption it is better, and for some it is better, for others not, and for the search engine packages seem to get left behind. For sellers like me with a unique service that needs a lot of description and a lot of extras and options I cannot imagine using packages. They are geared to a particular type of gig such as graphics where all is the same for most sellers except the price.


This gave me a bit of a problem when I was setting up my gig and I’m not quite sure I have gotten it right.