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Gig Packages: How To Get Them?

I do voice over, and I’ve noticed that some of my VO colleagues are able to do a three-tier packages thing on their gig. They’ve even shown me screen shots of how to do it, but I don’t have that magical green button available to me. I only have “Basic Package”, which of course, I can add Gig Extras.

Is this a TRS-only feature? How do I get this for my account?

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Fiverr removed packages from VO gigs in 2017. They introduced a new pricing structure, which is what you see on your gig today.

Here’s the forum post that announced the change:

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Interesting. So I guess the guy who was showing me screenshots of how to do it was grandfathered in at the old structure because he had active gigs using it?

It’s too bad. The packages option was way better. :frowning: