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Gig packages ordered differently?

Updates seem to come to my side of things more slowly for whatever reasons, so excuse me if this already happened a while back for everyone else. But today when I was looking at some gigs, I noticed that the order of gig package options had been reversed from what they used to be. I checked my own, and it also shows up like this. For example:

In the past: Basic->Standard->Premium

Now: Premium->Standard->Basic

Is it just me, or are others seeing this as well?

(If it is indeed Fiverr who reordered it, I really can’t guess why. Just seems to make looking at them more difficult…)


Yes I’ve just noticed this today when viewing a gig then of my gigs. I’m guessing it must have happened during today’s (or yesterday’s?) maintenance updates (though they said there wasn’t really supposed to be any real changes - Fiverr staff said “Think more “maintenance” than “update”. For most, there will be no decreeable difference. Just more stability”.

edit: I agree, though I suppose they are trying to make the higher priced package more visible/more likely to be clicked by showing it first but right now the sequence doesn’t really look right.


That does make sense. I saw the post, but this was the last kind of change I was expecting lol. Does it somehow stabilize the website to have them ordered differently? :neutral_face:

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Does it somehow stabilize the website to have them ordered differently?

No, though maybe there were other changes in the release besides that one that did “stabilise” it in some way. Perhaps they fixed/improved some issues with the “Available Now” option or some other things.

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I noticed that too, I just hope the there will be no mixed for buyer

Holy crapamoly :scream:

Now I understand why potential buyers ask me whether the premium package includes everything in the standard package or not!

The confusion it will bring to buyers… I hope it’s just a mistyped line of code that reversed the sort order by mistake :grimacing:

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does it matter in which order they are appearing? what matters is your gig ajd the price :slight_smile:

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I just think it’s not the wisest choice to suddenly switch things up, as people might get confused by the different prices. I have…reservations when it comes to buyers and their abilities to read through gig packages.

It’s not as bad as the whole average price kerfuffle, but not a great design choice anyways.


I think maybe fiver is trying to increase the minimum wage above 5usd

I can’t see that at all, honestly. Could you explain more what you mean? Why would displaying prices in a different order raise the minimum wage?

because for them to reserve it in that way, as I have noticed since Saturday night, and I think if it’s some kind of program error, they would have correct it.

I don’t think it’s a program error, I just still don’t get why this design choice would impact the minimum wage in any way. It’s not like they’re forcing us to change our prices.

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you are right, It just a thought am not saying it with certainty