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Gig Packages Pushed my gig to first page

Hi guys, I got a notification from fiver that now i can enable gig packages for my writing gigs. So i enabled the gig packages and the most amazing thing happened. My gig jumped to the first page for the search term i was targeting. Here are some of the tips you can follow.

  • If you have gig packages feature available in your category, USE it, its important.
  • Check out the Tags of the top ranking gigs for the keyword you’re targeting and use them.
  • Keep your title short and MUST use the keyword you’re targeting in it.
  • Use keyword in your description too.
  • Share your gig on social media every day.

I hope these tips will help some of you.



Isn’t that annoying sharing it on social media EVERY DAY? I find that would not only time consuming for you, the seller but also quite annoying to the persons you’ve connected with on social media. Plus, it could quite easily be thought of as spam, and cause you account to be disabled.

Great new! Initially sellers were complaining about the packages. Now, I will try packages.

Hi, I checked and it’s not there now. How did you know it was on the first page? I think they briefly put a new package gig on the first page, then let the search index it.

How do you use your keyword when you have gig packages? Do you put it in the columns?

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Congrats on your new found success.

Just a bit of advice: Whenever you find some success at something never be boastful about it, especially online such as in forums and social media sites because sometimes success may be short term and doesn’t always last. Plus the success may not be the result of what you think caused it.

I have to wonder if the OP has been searching for his gig and then clicking on it repeatedly. With Fiverr’s customized search for each user, it would make sense that his gig would show up in his results. It would be a bit of a flaw in the search algorithm but would only affect those who obsessively search for their gigs, so I can’t imagine Fiverr losing any sleep over it… In my search results, I generally see people I have bought from, my favorites and gigs I have looked at before, along with a couple of TRS’s and newbies.

I don’t see orders in his queues.
What brings me orders is fiverr’s marketing promoting my gigs. Fiverr can precisely control how many sales I get each day down to the hour. That’s why I get a lot of orders within an hour or two and then it stops all the time. I am wondering if others have noticed
groups of orders pouring in at once then stopping.

Helpful post. :slight_smile:

I actually checked it from my friends laptop too… Completely different internet connection and fiverr acount and it was there. I am not sure if i should share the exact search term here or not.

I completely understand, but the results you’re talking about are sometimes taged with ‘based on your interest’ when you click or buy the gigs.

You must have mistaken me for the main gig category page. Its not there. I should have specified in the post that its only ranking for a just one specific keyword. This actually increased the overall impressions as well.

As far as the keywords in the description are considered, i am still not sure if it is as important or not. The tags and thr title however is important.

I could be wrong about gig packages boosting the rankings but really my gig had every thing but was not ranking and once I added gig packages, it helped.

The purpose of sharing this was to let the fiverr community know about one of the benefits of the gig packages however I am curious myself.

You can use services like hootsuit to automate this task and limit the tweets to 3 times a day or if its too much for you limit it to once a day.

Thanks. Lets see how it works for you.

Let me just share the search term. Honestly i could be wrong and I dont wanna spread the false information.

The keyword is “seo article” do let me know. It will clear everything

I agree, honestly the purpose of posting this wasn’t boDear sir/madam, I am interested in working with you as a writer. I have been blogging for over 4 now and have perfected the art of writing user engaging content that is, not only, grammatically perfect but also SEO optimized.

Let’s discuss the budget, length of blogs and deadlines. Reply backasting. The thing is I am curious if what i think is right or wrong and if I am right there is nothing wrong in sharing it with the community. I believe every one earns according to his fate so… No worries

Thanks. Let’s wait untill we confirm if my deduction about Gig packages is right or wrong

I see you are number two under SEO article writing. Nice!

Yes, thank you. Its a little achievement being a level one seller so i wanted to share what i believe was the reason behind this with the community.

Interesting, your main gig for SEO articles does show up for me, its in the third row out of 1800 results. Only 3 gigs on my first page of results have packages activated though so either very few seo article writers have packages activated or else it is not related.
Then again, I had to go to your profile and gig to see what it looked like BEFORE searching.

I have tried logging out and searching using Google’s incognito window. You are still showing on the front page but on row 11. Difficult to tell if it is packages making the difference for you. Did you check before changing to packages?

Thanks for your nice tips…

Thank you