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Gig Packages Pushed my gig to first page

Yes, I did. It was no where near first page before activating packages. I saw it on the second page once though.

You’re right there are many gigs that don’t have packages activated yet but its just been a few days fiverr has allowed sellers in this category to activate packages. I believe, when enough people activated the packages they would be given preference over those who don’t.

If i was running a website like fiverr and introduce a new feature, i would give some benefit to those using that feature in order to increase the adaptability rate for that feature. Fiver could be doing same.

I made all the packages.

But I’m not on the first page.
Probably should have a lot of positive reviews and the right keywords to get on page 1.

Congratulations friend

It outranks our gig for that same term so I would say it probably has an impact. At the same time, I think spamming “SEO ARTICLE” in bold/caps throughout your description likely has something to do with it, too.

The unfortunate aspect of your advice is that once everyone takes it and adds packages, your gig is more likely to be pushed off the first page for that term.

Most likely its going to happen but again we’re not yet sure if the packages has anything to do the ranking or not.

Thank you Friend

nice tips

Thanks it’s really nice tips i will use it becouse I’m a lead generator and newbie here, I want to give more extra lead and 100% satisfied guaranty of my work.

bit useful…! i still didn’t promote my gig much in social media…just few times shared.the most important thing is promoteing your gig as you can every where you find a room… if you able to do seo for your gig than it will be helpful to get you in first page and enhance your sell to…but one thing i can’t understand why i didn’t get order regularly.!?

please see my gig and suggest me which is my mistake.
Thank you

Seriously? You grave-dug an old post from a year ago, just to post a request – that is completely unrelated to the OP – for someone to take a look at your gig and help you be successful?

If you want to have someone offer you advice, please post your request in the proper forum. (HINT: That forum is called: “Improve My Gig”).


:heart_decoration: reading your posts!
Grave :coffin: diggin’ requires special skills! :smile:

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Hello, I think your gigs look good. You are in a competitive field so to have 4 reviews in your first month is actually good. It takes a long time to build up your fiverr business so just hang in there and in time things will improve for you.


It’s people like crystal who restore faith in humanity. :joy:

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Yep, I have noticed it, same thing happes to me. I thought I was the only one.