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Gig Packages Should End?

I’m pretty sure that my opinion is pretty unpopular, but I personally believe that the gig packages thing is a bit overkill as far as extra services go, I personally believe that buyers would be intimidated by the idea that they’re being offered a whole package of a simple service that they just wanted to order.

I personally believe there should be an option to disable this feature altogether instead of just having one package available in the order window, if the seller ran out of ideas for the other two.

This feature is also a bit intimidating for some sellers who aren’t too good at marketing themselves on Fiverr, and have to deal with simply filling in this useless feature with just inflated services just to get past the submit page, and make their gigs available.

I understand that I’m kinda ranting a lot in this forum over simple little things that doesn’t seem to bother many people, but it’s just because I was more used to the simpler version of Fiverr, before the buyer request, before the gig packages feature, before all of that stuff, but so far the only issue I have at the moment is the gig packages thing that I can’t seem to disable altogether, let alone ignore without inflating my service, and potentially deterring people away from my gig, due to my gig service not really living up to these prices or packages.

That’s really my only issue with the feature, it intimidates buyers, or makes them think twice about ordering from you, if your portfolio of past orders don’t live up to the packages, if that makes sense.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this, I honestly hope I’m not the only one with a problem with this feature, and if I am, oh well. Lol


I think that will depend a lot on your field of work. There are certain gigs that, to be honest, don’t need multiple tiers. But for most of the gigs, it just makes sense, from a marketing perspective, to have them. Remember - if the sellers make money, Fiverr makes money, so it’s in their interest to boost sales. What I mean is that if gig tiers were a bad idea, they would probably remove them.

I agree with you, I’m not a fan of the gig packages. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t have to offer packages, you can just have a regular gig and offer the extras you want and so on. I don’t use gig packages.

I know in the voice over category they have already done away with packages. It didn’t make sense for gigs in that category. Now they have adjusted it to be much more intuitive.

So it very well could be going away for some other categories as well. Probably depends on how intuitive it is for what is being offered.

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