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Gig Packages suddenly unavailable for certain categories (writing)

I updated most of my gigs to Packages a while ago and so far, I haven’t had any problems. Yesterday, however I noticed that all of my gigs suddenly ‘reverted’ back to the old extras. Clients still placed orders for Packages, which was a bit confusing so I got in touch with CS.

They fixed the problem but one of my gigs - for webcontent writing - still lists only extras instead of Packages. In fact, when I try to edit it, I no longer have the Three Packages layout I had before.

CS said that this function is not available for this category but I’m certain I had it a day ago! I had numerous orders for webcontent Packages or I’d think it was my imagination playing tricks on me :smiley:

I’m still waiting for a response from CS (they’ve been amazing so far) but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced a similar problem.

TLD;R: I had the packages option enabled on my Webcontent gig until suddenly, it reverted to the extras format and I can’t get them back.

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I do hope they are reverting back to the old style. That’s just my opinion though, I much prefer the old way with the description and then the extras.

Please keep us updated if you find out what is happening, thanks!

Haha, I thought the same when they first appeared but it so much easier to set prices and organize packages!

Update: apparently, my gig IS eligible for the packages and it was just a mistake CS made when they first told me so everything should be sorted now.