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Gig Packages

Anyone know how to use Gig Packages effectively
Tips and tricks??

Thank you

The whole point of gig packages is to allow sellers to have the ability to customize their services – in package form. Since gig packages are meant to be customized, there is no one way to use them effectively. Play around with the feature. Customize. Create. Present your services. Try a few things and see what works best for YOU.

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Will gig packages ever come to pet models advertising?

Thank you

I put together packages for my most frequently order combos. Seem to work well, instead of the client picking the needed extras, they just pick the correct package.

I makes it easier for the prospective buyer to select among 3 suggested levels of service. Too many options sometimes frightens the prospect, so it helps them make a decision with your help. It has definitely increased my sales volume.

I’ve already submitted a ticket, but I am hoping I can get a faster answer here. My gig for Digital Marketing -> Social Media Marketing keeps freezing when I click save and continue. I’ve made it out of the overview phase a couple of times only to have the same thing happen and get stuck on pricing. I am not over any character limits or using any restricted characters and all required fields and boxes have been addressed. Is there a server side problem ATM? or is it me?

Did you try a different browser? I experienced a “freez” earlier today with Chrome. Explorer worked fine.

thank you, I’ll give explorer a shot… if I didn’t delete it LOL. I got the freeze on firefox also

Two of three Gigs™ are listed in the “Press Releases” sub category, and that category is part of the group that has packages. Basically, I reflected on some of my most successful completed orders… looked at the ones where my clients really loved the experience, and ones where I really loved the experience… and then set my packages to include the extras and quantities that those completed orders had.

At the time when I was thinking about using the package feature for the first time, clients were frequently approaching me for larger projects via custom offer requests. The packages I set up basically eliminated a couple of steps between them finding my profile/Gigs™ and purchasing.

TL;DR – base your packages off of what you’re clients are already ordering.

great idea thanks all

using gig package is good idea to improve your sell. Because it’s help a lot to buyer for chosen their desire gig.