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Gig Pages That Stand Out


@ssj1236: I was going to PM, then thought perhaps others would like to comment or join in on the conversation.

Disclaimer 1: Please be advised, this is just my opinion and I do not speak for anyone else.

When it comes to gig page, for voice over, whiteboard, videos, etc. videos are mandatory; after all, who is going to buy without knowing your talent.

  • When it comes to voice over, I like the ones who go directly into demos vice talking telling me what they are going to do. If you sound good, I am going to click and read the requirements. If a buyer doesn’t want to read, then you probably do not want to work with them as they will order the wrong gig amount, etc. anyway.

  • When it comes to musicians, songwriters, singers; oh, golly, please stop talking and let me hear you sing! There are sellers who talk for the whole time on the sample video.

The initial shot of the screen for video is still very important as something professional or eye-catching will get me to click on it in the first place.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ve attached a shot of some of the gig page that I really liked. They are either unique, professional or simply eye catching that got me to look at your descriptions. If your description is good, I click it and so forth.

Disclaimer 2: I do NOT endorse or vouch for the quality of work on any of the gigs below. Matter of fact, I have never worked with the majority of them.

Again, this is just my opinion, you are free to disagree or add to. Please do not attach any identifying marks and do not speak ill about another seller. Thank you.

Gig Pictures


YOu lovely lovely person. Thank you so much! This is in all honestly great help to everyone!


I’m actually redoing a few gig videos now. Will take this onboard. There’s only one problem. What hope is there now for Fugly people? That said, I can cartoon myself up I suppose.


** Sigh **

Are you :fish: ing for a compliment? :wink:

If so, you’re a very nice looking guy who likes to write terrifyingly, scary books. You have one heck of an imagination and amazing writing style. Just the things you post on the forum is entertaining and well versed.

I wish I could articulate myself as well as you.

To top it off, your animation video is the first one I actually watched all the way through several times. I have short attention span so, that speaks volumes about your talents.

Stop with it already!!


No. I’m just having a battle at the mo trying to hammer uniformity all over Linkedin and other freelance accounts and I hate this new everyone wants a picture of you looking like you just popped a prozac. I’m not a naturally smiley person who can pull that off. I’m really rather moody and darkly sarcastic.

That said, thank you for the compliment. I will put with my other one and keep it forever in a box by my bedside.


Gina what a fantastic display of your favorite thumbnails! I recognize a couple of sellers there and agree these are all excellent. Most feature faces.

There are 5 there I wouldn’t look at but the rest would definitely make me look at the gig description. The two in the bottom right corner don’t do much for me, nor does the one in the bottom left corner but then maybe I can’t see them well.

The guy sitting on the rock and the red one are my favorites.


Thanks for including me, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: I knew the hat would work someday… I think the woman in red image is great, and I like the bottom middle one too… I know that video can make a big difference to engagement, and is really important from a trust perspective.

I wonder how much of a difference a professionally produced video with a plain background and good background music makes, as opposed to just me talking into my smartphone camera… There are some other Pro sellers in the article and blog post categories who have much better videos than me.


Wow, I really can’t thank you enough for including my gig. You have truly made my day. :sunglasses:


There were at least another 2 or 3 dozen that I really liked, but cutting and pasting was time consuming as heck so stopped when the page was full.

The woman in red really stood out and the guy on the rock just screamed translator.

I choose the three animation and cartoon because it was clean, a simple dark or light background. There are some game designers for fantasy world stuff that really like and would perfer colorful background.

I’m going in between on my website.

If anyone else wants to post some of their favorites, please do so!


Hey Gina you’re back? Awesome :grinning: Now if only a certain someone comes back as well.


Oh, I just noticed that my good friend @eoinfinnegan hasn’t been around much lately. What’s up Eoin, busy? Also @miiila …been a while since I saw her here. Okay, see you lot later…Uncle Fiverr has given Favorite Nephew Writer lots of work this month.


Oh, my gig! :slight_smile: My faves are the same as Miss Crystal’s, guy with the great landscape and lady in red, and I´d probably order from the guy top right, looks very authentic and ‘normal’ to me, not like trying too hard for the Prozac look :wink:
Btw, @cyaxrex , Cy, what Gina said, plus, let someone take a pic of you and Chico with a nice bit of landscape in the background and you´re all set. Or borrow Eoin’s two for the shots, then you’ll be the guy with 3 dogs in the pic, don´t borrow @eoinfinnegan 's beard though; since we forum insiders know about the effects of beards on algorithms, three dogs and a beard probably will get you into ‘seller delivered late 1 star’ calamities.
I don´t do much smiling in pics generally either btw, contrary to the often read (good!) advice by another recently returned forumerr; if someone needs a translator with a wide smile, they have a great choice among lots of happy stock people already :wink: . Smiling in a pic is perfectly fine, but a brooding and sarcastic expression/no smile would not deter me from picking a seller at all if the rest adds up.

Most but not all of the gigs I ordered myself up to now were from people I ‘knew’ from the forum so one could say that their gig page didn´t have an effect anyway, but I probably would not have bought from them if their gig page would have repelled me for some reason. :wink: And while I admit I like to look at pretty landscapes, people, PS/composition/typography skills, that repelling effect for me is stock even if it looks great, and what draws my eye is something that looks genuine, authentic, unique, be it pretty or ugly, smiling or brooding. :wink:

And @writer99025, @eoinfinnegan and I are busy drinking Guinness in Irish bars while watching the snowfall outside the window, pondering Irish summers, to improve on our Prozac smile for our next gig image. Ah no, if only; for one I retreated a bit from posting much because of some forumerr’s antics, attitudes and flagging needs, and for another, there´s so much need for translation in this world, and our common uncle shoves some of it my way too, Bhai. Jeez, now back to my art…… app strings. The world wants to be saved from phone apps and websites with shoddy and uncorrected machine translations! :wink:

@ everyone seeking to improve their gig page, have a Prozac :coffee:, a :cookie: and a :unicorn: and then take a gig image with a smile like :sun_with_face: or :sun_behind_small_cloud: or :sun_behind_rain_cloud: or even :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:, you do you - your best you, whatever that is, mind - and it will work out just fine.

(oh I just realized @ everyone (without a space inbetween) got tagged :eyes: editing that to get it to untag, sorry if @ everyone or everyone got notified :eyes:)


This is great! I´ve worked with some of those sellers from voice over (amazing experience) and yes, I was first guided by the pic, followed by their voices and finally gig description.

The presentation is everything!


Most of your forum posts contain jokes but what I see now is a very serious face that doesn’t joke.
@gina_riley2 You forgot including me in the display. Or does my video require editing? I will be glad to see your comments (both bad and good comments are all welcome)


Had a really busy few days last weekend and then took a few days away with the kids. You will probably have a few more days of my forum posting being on “lite mode” while I catch up on orders now but I’ll be back to my usual quota soon enough.

@miiila if only is right…


thank you @gina_riley2 for including me and my gig’s thumbnail! I feel honored to have made the cut. :wink:


Aweeee, I see my gig up there, that’s sweet. Thank you Gina!
BTW the lady in red sure does stand out, her dark skin and red looks gorgeous!! :crazy_face:


All in due time… (a month and a half left)

EDIT: a year was added to her sentence


Everyone seems to like the gals in red, too bad she doesn’t know how famous she has become on this forum! :smiley:

The pictures you see really has nothing to do with whom I like or dislike. As mentioned earlier, I have not worked with a majority of the sellers. It had to do with which gig pictures stand out.

When it comes to writing gigs, I prefer those that have a professional appearance or sort of a vacation-like appearance.

When it comes to voice over, I like those that show faces with either a microphone or just them in plain background.

When it came to translators, I liked something unique and authentic. I like those that appear to be living in the country of the said language by the background or by looks. The guy on the top right is a translator.

When it comes to whiteboard, logos or cartoon, I like to see plain background without too much noise. My eyes hurt when I see too much in the background.

Like I said, just my little opinion. Regardless of the cartoon, person, background, logo, I chose the ones that I found intriguing and real. I do not like those that use stock celebrity. I use many stock pictures (which I buy legally from Canstock) for my eBook Cover and website design so I am quite familiar with what it looks like.

I can typically pick out a stock background and people from a mile away. I do get fooled occasionally until I do a reverse search and then stock search for double verification.

I do not think you have to look like a model - which screams FAKE, FAKE, FAKE. I think you have to look like you. The profile picture I am using now, although, there are similar ones on Google, you won’t find an exact match because it is unique to me. If anyone finds an EXACT match, let me know, because it means he or she stole it from me.

I’m kinda surprised that no other buyer has logged onto post some of their favorite gig pictures.

So maybe, I’ll do a profile picture next. :slight_smile:


I noticed that half of those are videos. I opened up my favorites list and to my surprise 80% of those have videos. I don’t know if this is because of YouTube addiction or my short attention span, but I prefer gigs with videos.

Here are some of the gigs that stand out to me :slight_smile:

It looks so different from other spokesperson videos that I just had to click play. It was short, simple and made me laugh. I haven’t yet figured out where to use this type of video, but I will.

It’s quite easy to stand out with a simple yet professional video in proofreading category. I always skip over the cheap whiteboard videos and stock photos. Why people still use those?

And last but not least, I love this video. If a seller is willing to invest in a professional video then there’s a good chance that they are taking their freelance job seriously and provide professional service.