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Gig Pages Upload


Hi Friends,
I am curious to know how many pages you can upload in seller Gigs ?
What I experienced is that - image file you have 3 pages limit and pdf file 3 pages.
But while checking few of other seller Gigs, I can see many pages are appearing. How is that possible?


Can some one help me??


Check this out:


Thanks for the link, but my question was uploading more pages.
What I understand is Image (3 pages) + Pdf (2 pages) I can upload.
But while checking some of the other seller Gigs, I see multiple pages uploaded up to 10 to 12 pages.
How is that possible?


Maybe someone else can answer that. Perhaps something changed since they created their gigs!


It is not PDF (2 pages)… You can upload 2 PDFs with each PDF having almost unlimited number of pages within it. Once again, read what is written in the information provided in the link @lloydsolutions had earlier sent. Also, look at the text encircled in red in the attached image :arrow_down: .

If for some strange reason, you are not able to upload a PDF file that has more than 2 pages in it, I’d suggest that you contact CS.


Thanks a lot ! I will try now.