Gig past due and not paid


I had a gig that was due yesterday, but when I checked this morning, it has not yet been made available. Is there someone I can contact about this?


Yes you can talk to the customer support team <–(click the link) Many thanks


Reply to @ozzieuk: Thank you…


Do you mean that the funds aren’t available for withdrawal yet? It takes 14-17 days for the money to be available to withdraw, depending on whether the buyer marks the gig as complete or lets it auto complete after three days.

Good luck!


Reply to @aingham69: No, funds are available according the highlighted message that pops up when you hover of the gig. It was 14 days yesterday but has not been made available as my last one was. It was marked complete by the buyer as well.


According to prior information received in this forum, I now have 2 gigs due for release, but still nothing…