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Gig pause icon of mobile app?


I’m new seller. I’m using fiverr android mobile app. After press and hold on my gigs popup pause icon and delete icon. I think delete button can use delete the gigs but question is other one. What is this pause button and what it can do.


Hi. Welcome to the forum.

If you pause your gig, your gig will be paused, i.e., nobody can order it and it will be taken out of Fiverr’s search temporarily.

There is also an option limit orders in queue which automatically pauses your gig when a certain limit of orders which you can set is reached - which is a good idea to avoid waking up with more orders than you can handle within the delivery time one fine day. :wink:

As a new seller, it’s a good idea to take a walk through Fiverr’s Seller Help Center, which should answer most questions of a technical nature: :arrow_right:


Thank you @miiila for your valuable advice