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Gig paused automatically

Hello, I’m a new seller on Fiverr . Recently I’m facing a problem. In my profile there is a line showing quickly and disappeared. the line is “All your Gigs are currently paused until you answer a mandatory tax question.” Can anyone please tell me what should I do?


Are you a U.S. citizen? Yes or No.
If ‘Yes’ then fill in the W-9.
If ‘No’ then make your answer ‘no’ and you’re done.


But I didn’t get any notification regarding form W-9 .Infect I’m not an US citizen . Please read my problem again it is not about Form W-9 .

It is about Form W-9.

You have to answer no.

If you click on your Fiverr profile image on the main page and then Settings you should see Form W-9 on the left hand side.


Okay. Thank you very much. Now I’ve got it. But the problem is i didn’t get any massages to reply or any notifications to answer… It is just showing the line and disappearing in a moment. Will there be any problem of my Gig?


Do you mean if you click on the Form W-9 in Settings?

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when I see my profile or gig it show this line ‘‘All your Gigs are currently paused until you answer a mandatory tax question’’ But I don’t click this line it disappeared immediately and I show the Form W-9 setting there is show ‘‘The Form W-9 verification process is not available yet. We’ll notify you when this option will be available’’ what’s the problem i don’t understand please help me solved this problem

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She meant like this. I also got afraid actually, like why did it showed even for a sec because I already did selected NO in the Settings. So I doubled check again and everything is okay. Fiverr is Fiverr.



yes that’s the problem thanks for understand my problem . what is this and is there any solution why my gig paused . is there any problem in my gig ?

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Suggest you contact Customer Support as you have not answered “No” to the original question.

Here is the link:


I can actually see your gig just fine. There is only one gig on your profile, correct?


So can I. All appears to be well!

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Thank You so much for your helping

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yes I’m new seller on Fiverr Thank you so much i am so afraid in this problem

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Hi it happens to a lot of us. Glad it worked out. And, good luck! :grinning:

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now i clam in my mind it’s so horrible experience but thanks for support me

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it’s my first horrible experience . but next time i think i don’t afraid this like for everyone support me i feel so peace full right now .

I am also having the same problem and all of my gigs aren’t showing in the search result previously my gig’s were ranked at first page before this messenge started showing up. (I have already selected “no” at 13 August in the from W-9)

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Same message display and disappearing quickly…
This is fast screenshot… :confused:
Hope not my gigs paused by Fiverr…

my gig has been vanished for days from the first page and still it happens for this, i dont know how to fix it