Gig Paused Automatically?


Hi All – Has anyone had their gig paused automatically? I didn’t pause my gig yet it has been paused. I’m just curious.

I’ve been inactive for some time but I didn’t realize the gig would pause automatically. I know I can simply reactive it but I was curious if this was a glitch or if this is done when you are inactive for a certain period.



Well if they re paused don’t fret , just update gig tags/description and publish it :slight_smile:


Gigs are paused automatically when you’ve been inactive for a certain amount of time so buyers won’t order from someone who’s not working on the platform anymore.


not sure but mostly those gigs are paused which need some alteration or changes…


You can always edit it and re-publish it or you can contact CS then will sort it out for you :slight_smile: