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GIG paused

What does GIG Paused mean when it appears on a sellers profile?

I think the seller paused their gigs because they can’t work that days. I do that a couple days ago…

Some seller promising to deliver work in several days(example 2 days). But may be they have a business that they can’t leave and may be need 3 days so they cant work for you. If they accept a job and cant deliver their work…their rating will go down

Sorry, Im not too good in English

come to see my gigs…hehehe

It means that you can’t make an order, apparently the seller is un-avaible, or have too many orders to make and he can’t accept more orders intill he finish the other ones.

Check my gig for example :smiley:

The easiest way to explain it is this. Gig Paused = Day off.

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Gig paused means… Gig paused. Aka, they went ahead and pressed the “pause” button themselves perhaps to edit prices, go on a little vacation, or just to catch up on orders.

It means that the seller need some free time before he can take another order. Maybe he need to finish the current orders or maybe he want to go vacation!

how do I reactivate my paused gig?

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