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Gig paused

Odd. So many problems today. one gig is paused, and nobody can order (had 5 messages on it) the second has dropped in rating from 100% to 0% despite having only positive feedback on it. No idea what is going on, but nobody else’s gig appears to be paused, only mine! (yes, I double checked, it isn’t paused in my dashboard)

Some gigs haven’t appeared in my gig list either :o (I am only being told they are ‘late’ and yet when I check the list, they aren’t there :s) anybody else having trouble with the systems right now?

It seems like there are several bugs/issues going on in Fiverr lately… and very little being done about it from what I can tell. :frowning:

I think that fiverr dont are working good the last days.

I have a bug in my revenues too. I have 23 active orders with extras purchased and in the Upcoming Payments i have 0$ lol

Also yesterday i had a amount in my awaiting clearance $ and today when i open fiverr the amount was less.

and I dont withdraw nothing.

Also some buyers was trying to purchase my gig and they cant because the payment system dont work.

Other problem.

Buyers mark as completed the order and this continue in active list order instead of the completed.

So yes, Fiverr are working crazy and bad.

They don’t seem to know what is up with my gig :slight_smile: So hopefully it will un-pause itself at some point…I have lost out on about $300 worth of orders today :frowning:

There’s been a few odd happenings recently even with my own gigs displaying wrong, I think Angie (@madmoo) was the same too

my gig also paused, and my inbox is empty too

hy my gig is paused what could be the reason

One of my orders has disappeared and I’m not able to upload deliveries. Makes me look like an amateur.

My gigs have been paused since 20th of November and still nothing

That seems like a long time for a bug to cause to the pausing, perhaps you have not “activated” it yet? or maybe it’s under review? You can try checking it through this link:

From there you can try activating it… If it seems buggy from your end, you can try contacting Customer Support.

My gigs get paused. how can i reactive my gigs again.

Same here… Noticed today… :’(

I encounter issues with all me first 3 orders, being not notified for them hence I end up delivering late :frowning: and one of them being refunded automatically. There must definitely be a bug…

my gig i pause i again unpause my i unpause my gig

It’s very confusing. My gigs are active and I get requests, and then I stop getting requests. Turns out my gig gets paused automatically, so I have to go in and unpause them. The only way I can tell if it’s paused is if I log in. No warning. Just I stop getting gigs… How long does it take for it to automatically pause? Is there any way to get a warning that a gig is going to be paused?

I think that might be linked to the recent bug, that the ‘limit allowed orders in queue’ suddenly doesn´t work anymore. I have 2 gigs on pause now too (1 of them purposefully though because I couldn´t limit the allowed orders and were getting some I didn´t really have the time for right now, but 1 is paused even though I´d want it to be active.

HI your this link is not working. May I get valid one so I can activate my gig I paused mistakenly.

Clickety-click on this link! You’re welcome!

For a second there I thought Ryan was back.

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@nikavoice I know you have your own job, thank you so much for your reply. But I don’t see any option to activate the gig. Options are only PREVIEW, EDIT, DELETE and EDIT VIDEO.

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