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Gig payment/ review


I need to ask this question. I immediately got payment on my first order. However, for my second order I have not recieved any payment yet. It is completed.
Plus, I need to know is it normal for a buyer to stop responding right after delivery? I may not get any review if thats the case and I really ned reviews.


The buyer can choose whether or not to leave a review.


@easyforu Yes a buyer may or may not leave a review. They have a 30-day window to do so.

As for funds from an order, they will be added to your earnings either when the buyer submits a review or 3 days after your delivery. Whichever comes first.

If the buyer asks for a modification within the 3-day window, and you re-deliver, then another 3 days are added counting from when you redelivered.


Okay so I have completed the gig and it’s been more then 3 days. The buyer has given review infact both the buyers but I have not received the payment?


The payment will come 14 days after completing the gig, if there is no chargeback or any other complication. :slight_smile: