Gig payments not clearing


I am new to Fivver. I had my first gig, ordered by someone who also was new to Fivver. The issue I have is that he wanted me to do a PPT presentation, but didn’t know how to go about paying for it. He wanted to pay $20.00. So he sent through $20.00 on 4 seperate gigs. I have only been paid for one. I cannot get hold of the client to help me out, and I have tried to contact Fivver. Can anyone help please.


How long as it been? It takes like 17 days for payment to clear through Fiverr.


It tells you clearly with a pop up bubble when it will clear. Dont get upset or concerned until AFTER that date has passed. Sometimes it wont clear until that date has passed. Since we are all on different time zones, you need to allow the day to pass fully.


Since that time, I have had other gigs, which have cleared.

kosotei said: Since that time, I have had other gigs, which have cleared.

That means nothing. It has to do with when the gig was actually marked as completed. Thats why I suggested to look at the pop up balloon. It will give you an exact date.


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i really needed to find the answer to this question. thank you for spelling it out like for 2 year old kids. I’m not being ironic, just sometimes I need this kind of explanations >.>


Reply to @peppermint_wish: Glad I could help.


Reply to @bachas85: Yes, the bubble next to the gig says (Clearing) in light green or (Cleared) in dark green, but if you hold your mouse over that bubble a black balloon will pop up that says “Clearing on March 25”. So when it goes past that date, then I know that there is a problem. You can see in the image below what I mean. You can also see for the others who are wondering how you can have two gigs placed at different times and some have cleared before or after the other. When they were placed has nothing to do with when they will clear.


Reply to @beatcraigslist: Did you solve it yet? I’m facing the exact same thing.