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Gig PDF file size



What is the maximum upload size for gig PDF file?



Good question. :thinking:

I’ve added PDF to my gigs, but I have no idea what’s the max size. Maybe ask CS? :coffee:


Sure, I’ve sent a ticket. Will post their response here. :slight_smile:


Okie Dokie, 'cause I’m curious, too. :smile:


I was killing my :peach: off finding your PDF until I realized it is in gallery. :smile:


Eek! :grimacing:

Sounds painful! :upside_down_face:


Let us know what you find out, this is very relevant information :slight_smile:


I got my response from CS. Maximum upload size for gig PDF is up to 50MB.


Awesome! Thanks for that info.


Woohoo ~ Thanks! :wink:

You get a cotton candy! You pick!


I’ll take blue one! :smile:



Maximum upload size for gig PDF file is 2MB not 50.


Thanks for the update!

But whoa that decreased significantly. Different CS person? or trial & error?


I really like the PDF feature in the gallery. I wish more sellers used it.


You can convert your JPEG file to PDF in some website…they give low size file.


very helpful post,from this post i know what pdf file size. Thanks


Different CS person. Luckily, you can compress you file to fits in those 2MB, so no biggie! :slight_smile:


I did not know before, today I got to know,Thank you so much for your Post.


I what to know how much will be the height and weight…


Gig pdf size can’t be larger than 2 MB. Not defined actual height and weight but I think it makes same as gig picture it looks better.