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Gig pending approval; not sure how it got there

  • I was updating the samples in my flyer gig. I minimized the page to drag the second two files after uploading the “primary” image to see the other two thumbnails were the same as the primary image as well. Strange.

  • I deleted the duplicated two and tried minimizing and dragging again- Same thing happened. The images were duplicated.

  • I attached the image by the good ole browse feature instead, in which it then reported one of the images as broken. uurrggh Deleted it. Did it again.Same thing. Checked the image, seemed fine to me.

  • Fiverr messages me to modify my gig. THAT’S WHAT I’M DOING??? (thinking to myself)

  • I skipped the third image altogether and just hit save with hopes of restarting my browser and doing it again but now it says my gig is pending approval and that’s why I’m here.

I’m not even sure how it even got there. I am completely clueless.:expressionless: . Does anyone know how long it takes to be approved?

someone halp.


Updating your gig will require the approval of Fiverr’s gig editorial team. This process can take many hours.