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Gig pending problem

Hope everybody is doing well. I opened the gig about 15 days ago, but it’s still pending. What can I do now? Please let me know.


Your best bet right now would be to contact customer support, we are all normal people here, therefore have no clue what’s wrong with/in your gig!

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Thanks for reply . But i can’t to able contact customer support . All time show the massage after submit request “Action Failed” What can i do now ?

Maybe you could try with a private browser, both, new gig and contact support if it fails again.

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Thank you. I am trying private browser. But same problem , i can’t submit request.

mmm maybe the twitter account of @FiverrSupport could help you dude.

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make sure you use your own created gig image and description…if not change it after that your gig is active within 1 hour

Thank you, dear @agenciawem

@designer_rahmat I’ve the same problem too. I try to contact customer support, but It showed “action Failed” so I don’t know how to solve this. Did you solve this?

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No brother, not resolved yet. I am very tense. :cold_sweat: :disappointed_relieved: Moreover, gig click impressions are also a problem in these. @francescopetrel

Problem solve . Thank to all. Stay save

how your problem was solved bro?