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Gig pending review

I did some changes to one of my gig tomorrow
then few min later it got notification you need to modify your gig.
I dont know why they did this, this one is my one of popular gig and now its under review after my changes!
I don’t wanna delete this gig as it has many reviews and star… checking my email Its say need to

" Unfortunately, due to a technical issue, your image did not upload correctly. We apologize for the inconvenience and kindly ask that you try and upload your image again."

But its since long time no response abou the gig. how can I get back this.


Have you tried using a website that resizes your picture for you? There are plenty of great ones out there and maybe resizing it will let it upload correctly. Google “Resize your image” and your bound to find one that helps!

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I resized it and upload it but my gig still say review pending

Darn! When did this happen? Just recently?

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Yep. 16 hours gone almost.

I’m sorry that such time has gone by. Perhaps there’s still a chance it will upload correctly. Try posting a topic about it in the forum and the Fiverr people will see it and help!

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Yes already I posted that and you are replying. ! that is the forum !

but I m worried about it. lets c other people what suggest

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