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Gig performance: a look at our busiest months

Hi all! I’ve been on Fiverr a little over 2 years now, and can say that my gig sales have consistently increased, although sometimes slower than others.

But I got to thinking during my last lull (every now and then there are months when sales just plummet for no explicable reason) and decided to put it out there: is there a pattern to your sales? Do you find that some months are genuinely better than others? How about Fiverr’s changes, when they adjust a gig setup does it change your gig’s order rate?

I’m in the Voice Over category to give you a reference point. I think that sometimes during the summer months my sales drop, and right before every major holiday they go up a bit more than usual.

Thanks for taking the time to think about it!

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You’ll find this one interesting:


My sales are slower in the summer but this summer ive gotten more than usual but still slow. I make music and October, november, december are great for me!


Ha! It certainly gave me a few laughs. I’m more interested in actual numbers and trends though. Not excuses for why business slows downs for some people. Everyone get’s different results so I can’t imagine that my experience is a true litmus test…but curiosity got me to wondering if there were any other “real” factors…not Summer Vacation. :sunglasses:

I find I get fewer orders in the summer, but they are higher quality and pay a lot more. Like the linked article says, you can make all the excuses in the world. Real entrepreneurs go out there and make it happen. Do you look to your local market in addition to Fiverr? I work more offline than online now because I want to help local businesses and deal with people face to face.

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Most of my work is sourced online, and local businesses aren’t really my major draw. I can look into more of an offline presence though, that’s a great recommendation!