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Gig Performance Curve is going flat

Hi Guys,

I was going well on this great site but since last Tuesday something wrong is happening with my gigs.

My gig performance graph is showing zero views (all of my gigs) and the curve is going flat at the bottom in horizontal line.

I asked Customer Support for this and they told me that there are multiple users who are facing the same problem and our Tech Team is working on it.

So,I want to know is there anyone else who is going through the same problem …if yes than can you please tell me what I have to do for this.

Because I was going great on this awesome site.

Any help on this will be appreciated …thanks

So CS tells you that there are multiple users have the problem and you ask now if multiple users have the problem? What part of their answer didn’t you understand?
Besides all this the graph is just a measurement and has no influence on your gig performance. It’s the same like if your 6 foot tall and you don’t have a measuring stick you are still 6 foot tall. Savvy?
Just wait until they fix it.

Hi Raj,

Yes, a lot of other people are experiencing the same problems as you.

I believe the second thread in the Tips for Fiverr Sellers Forum is about this issue. If you want to learn more about it, maybe you could check there?

I’m sure it will be fixed soon. Nothing to worry about!


thanks for the reply sir …I will wait :slight_smile:

@czechyourself …I made a two new gigs yesterday and they are not showing in the search results …Is it happening because of this same problem (gig performance curve is going flat)…??

Please let me know thanks

Hi Raj,

I am not sure if it is apart of the same problem, but I am aware of this issue as well. I made a new gig recently and it took about 2 days before it began showing up in the search results.

Wait a little bit longer and it should come up!


I’ve got a flatliner for 8 days on a row on all of my 5 gigs, no impressions, no views, no clicks. Takes quite long to resolve this issue. :frowning:

I also having that problem :frowning:

Now the flatline is gone and there is a message “no data available at this time” instead.

@czechyourself thank you :slight_smile:

I finally checked mine and mine has 0 views, nothing since Jan 5th, but I’ve had orders every day since from new buyers (DOES NOT COMPUTE). Just ignore it. FWIW, my orders have been down in the new year so far and with more than a fair share of crazy people, so I dunno. I wouldn’t worry about it, the tech team is looking into it.

@misscrystal But I can still see the flatline in my gigs :frowning:

ever since the year started I havent had a single order. what is going on???

I am also getting problem in getting orders…
anyone can help me to get some orders???