Gig Performance not worked


My Gigs Performance not worked from 15th December.
Do you noticed same issues?
Please let me know. Thanks.


Same here… for the past 4 a 5 days now.


I thought I only face this problem. Hope this issue will fix up soon. Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:


Currently Fiverr is working on it. The website is sometimes a few seconds offline and then back online the last hour…

Hopely everything will be fixed today :slight_smile:


Yes, I noticed that too. :confused:

Hopefully they will fix it.


same problem here :disappointed_relieved:


This tends to happen when they perform large updates on the platform, a huge update recently passed so I believe this is the reason why.


same problem! Hope this will be fixed ASAP :cry:


I have the same issue (maybe). Is that related with number of impression in my gigs?


Yes its true .
I am facing this problem form 6 days.


Yes. It is related to Gig impressions. Now I see this message on Gig Performance area “Due to a technical issue, Gig impressions, views and clicks from December 15 through December 19 may not appear.”

I hope this issue will fix up soon. :slight_smile: