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Gig photo is upside down


I have a weird problem that I have never encountered in my 10 years of being in IT… I’ll ask here before bothering CS.

I have taken a picture with my camera. The picture was upside down, so I thought to myself: “Well, I’ll just flip it over in an image editor and that’s that!” – I do that, and everything seems in order. The photo looks fine with an image viewer and editor I use. When I upload it to Fiverr gig gallery it looks fine initially. But once I click “Save & Continue” it’s upside down! :open_mouth:

I’ve tried cutting & pasting the image to a brand new canvas, but it’s still the same.

Did anyone else have a similar problem? Note that other photos I’ve uploaded are just fine. It’s just my electornic components stop motion gig:


I am having the same problem and found your post looking for an answer. My photo wasn’t even upside down to begin with though. I tried saving it upside down to fix it to no avail. WTH.


Same problem


I’m not sure what I’ve did to have fixed it since this was a while back.

I think I’ve notified the fiverr support crew and they fixed it for me.


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I’m new; same problem. Every photo so far!


No point in replying to 5 year old posts. If you need help just create a topic of your own and others will help you.