GIG pictures of 682*459 max 2 mg WItCH FREEWARE YOU USE TO DO THOSE PIcs EASY HELP!



i am having a breakdown agaggaga hahhahah

paint & screen cap toll are not ok for this problem

do you have a freeware where i can set 682*459 2 mg as a template & then click around …

help thanks


Hey there.

I’m pretty sure this must be moved from this category, as this is not a tip for sellers! :slight_smile:

Anyhow, have you looked into Gimp? It’s a freeware clone of photoshop, and although I don’t use it, it sounds like that could help you with what you want to do.

Have a good one! :slight_smile:


hello thanks

yes you are correct i am in the wrong section my mistake … need more cofeeee


thanks for help frds